week 6

Last week went by smoothly. A series of speakers visited our program and engaged the kids with interesting activities. Chief Joe Drugherfy from the Gettysburg Police Department spoke to the kids about his job. The children learned a good life lesson that what policemen do in real life is very different from what presented in TV shows, e.g. Cops. Ricky, a young drummer from Gettysburg Area High School, brought in his collection of drums and did drum circle with the children. The strong rhythm and great stories about his drums fascinated the children. I remembered watching Ricky perform at one senior dinner couple of weeks ago. As we are involved with different community projects throughout the summer, we were truly immersed into the community and began to make connections between different people and groups. The connection could be as simple as meeting the same person at different programs, getting inspired by their active involvements with the community. At the same time, we began to make sense of how various social issues intertwined and understood how a better understanding of the bigger picture help to tackle specific ones.
At Meals and More, I cooked Roman noodles with vegetables on Wednesday and taught the kids how to use chopsticks to eat noodles. I was really concerned in the first place, since I have never cooked noodles for that many people. But the lunch turned out to be a big success. Some of the kids became so committed to the chopsticks that they even ate their desert, brownies, with chopsticks. Both the kids and the staff members were entertained by the non-traditional lunch experience.
Working four hours a day, five days a week with a group of children age ranging from five to eleven is a precious experience for any students interested in education, since it is a heavily experience-oriented field. At the specific setting of Meals and More, I learned a lot about interacting with children, which prepares me to work with other children in the same age group or older. I attended the two events Melanie mentioned in her post, the healthy option cooking class and this week’s circles meeting. But on both occasions I helped with childcare as there were needs for extra help. Although I was not able to participate in the cooking class and the conversation at the circles meeting, it was very gratifying to provide the help, especially making good use of the skills I’ve learned. While accumulating experience by working directly with the children, it is very import to constantly reflect, ask questions, and look for solutions, the process of which may not be completed in one summer but would be carried on in my life.



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