Not quite done yet…

It took about 5 hours get everything into boxes, seal them, and stack them for the movers to come in. Yesterday was packing day, and it was hard to believe that just 6 weeks earlier I was unpacking those very boxes and getting ready for summer school to start. It felt weird being on the other side of it, everything winding down, everyone making plans to enjoy their last month at the beach or taking trips. It felt really weird being from the teacher/administrator standpoint, remembering all the work that was put it to make those 5 weeks fun and exciting then cleaning it up and already wondering what we can do to make next year better.
But seeing as how I haven’t blogged in a while, there are still memories from the last few weeks of school to share. The second to last week of summer school we had 2 field trips. One was to Keystone Technical Institute in Harrisburg, where the students learned about another technical school and how they could get their degrees and be out in the work force in as little as 18 months. We took a tour of the school and got to bake cookies with some of the culinary students. They were pretty delicious. The next day we went to Empire Beauty School, also in Harrisburg, where the students learned about what it takes it become a beautician and/or barber. The kids got to do a mannequin’s hair, got to apply different designs to fake nails with different polishes, and met a barber who cut designs into people’s hair, such as angry birds or the Nike logo.
The next week the school went to Caledonia for the only school-wide field trip, and the older kids stopped first at Pole Steeple to do some hiking. Everyone had a great time celebrating the closing of summer school for the year and unwinding in the pool. The next day was LIU-Got-Talent, a school-wide talent show during lunch. There were kids that did magic, many who did dance routines (with many requests made to Ms. Elle seeking guidance), and a few singers as well. My class decided to do a drum routine with black lights. Because, you know, we’re awesome. After Mr. Matt wacked me in the face with the tubes you spin to make sound, the lights were cut and we played the rhythms we practiced for a couple weeks to the delight of the crowd (Babatunde would be proud). There were no prizes or places, but I’m pretty sure we won. The next day was Parent Night, which required me to be in New Oxford from 8am to about 10 pm. But it was all worth it. The kids put on amazing performances, from little plays to dance routines to musical performances. All the parents had a blast and the students and teachers really enjoyed the acts they displayed for everyone. Then came the last day of summer school, which would’ve been at least a little sad, that is if it wasn’t WORLD CUP SOCCER DAY. It’s actually not that exciting. The kids just played soccer all day. And when they weren’t playing soccer, they were somewhere in the school, doing something. I think. But it was fun, which was all that mattered.
So now all that remains from summer school is stored in the warehouse of the Gettysburg Field Office, where I spent today filing the different forms everyone filled out from summer school. While it’s a lot more relaxing then 8 hours with the kids each day, I have to say I’m really missing it. Especially getting free breakfast and lunch. I forget to eat in the morning after being so accustomed to having it provided. *SIIIIIIIIIGH. Oh well.
The next few weeks don’t seem like they’ll be filled with much, but who knows? Something exciting MIGHT happen. And my friend from abroad is back so now there’s one more person to help me occupy time. The LIU classes and Circles are still going too and going well, with a nice family who regularly come adopting me and refer to me as their son. It’s hard not to love the people you meet in the community. It’s funny to see just how much you relate to them, even though your backgrounds aren’t identical. But being poor and Hispanic was a good starting point. We’ll see what happens next.



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