A City Boy in a Farm

A City boy in a Farm

This past Saturday was Father’s day in Nicaragua. For Father’s day Don Sergio wanted to take my host brother, host nephew, and I out to the family’s finca (Farm). So we all woke up at 5am and went.
Growing up in New York City I always saw how tourist’s eyes lit up whenever they visited Time Squares at night. I understood why they found it amazing, but I could never relate since I had been around tall buildings and bright lights all my life. Ironically, by visiting a farm, I can now relate. I wanted photos of everything, the scenery, the animals, the river, etc… I have seen farm animals on T.V and at the zoo, but this was different. They were not there for my entertainment; we were just sharing the same land. I enjoyed being around this calm natural environment. I spent hours in the river, stared at waterfalls, touched every animal I could get my hands on. When the sun went down and the stars came out, it was amazing. My eyes lit up when I saw hundreds of stars in the sky, just like those tourists who visit Time Square at night for the first time.
Classes at Xuchialt have been going great. They learn fast and spend a lot of time practicing on their free time. I also tagged along with them when they did their cultural night event in Santa Rosa. It was a great show that included singing, traditional dancing, and fire. They also have been giving me paint classes. Although I am not as good as them, I am picking it up pretty fast.

– Phellix
Here are some photos of me at the farm.



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