Thanks Emily! We’re glad we’re living up to your example šŸ™‚
Keep doing everything you’re doing too, we enjoy hearing from you. Just so you know, this comment is from Melanie and Chandra because Chandra’s computer is broken.

We’ll try to post more and keep you updated on the projects we’re working on. Today is zucchini day; we recently got 3 flats of zucchini, and we’ve been grating it by hand because the machine is missing the right part. We also have been getting tons of lettuce from a hydroponic farm, so that means lots of salads for the LIU families. We’ll be thinking of you when we’re freezing things for next semester! We’re both going to miss working in the kitchen, but we know you’ll do a great job holding down the fort. 

Btw, we like the part about the big chicken… nice pictures!! Stay safe and keep doing all the good things you’re doing, and we’ll try to stay in touch with you about our kitchen/senior center activities. Bye!!

Melanie and Chandra


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