Attempted to be sent a Week Ago – Will it work now?

So it’s halftime in the NBA Finals game so I suppose I have time to blog now. The first week in Gettysburg has been pretty eventful even though campus is dead. Monday we had our CPS orientation at the office that included lunch at Tito’s, and any day with Hispanic food is a good one. Tuesday was the in service training for everyone that works at an LIU Summer School so people from all over Pennsylvania were in attendance. It was the first of many missions to New Oxford with Elle who was kind enough to provide me with a ride to work this summer. Wednesday was office work in the Gettysburg Field Office and stuffing envelopes at soccer camp, where many of the kids who go to summer school kick off (see what I did there?) their LIU summer fun. Thursday was move in day where we moved all the supplies from the office to the school, which made for a pretty long day but was pretty fun (the staff at LIU never really allow for dull moments) and Friday was more soccer camp.
Aside from work, we Hestonites have found ways to keep busy during our off time. We took a few trips to town to see the Gettysburg Festival and other things around. We’ve had a couple family dinners at the House with Chandra cooking eggplant (I don’t remember the exact dish name) one night and me, Maura, and Yao making pupusas tonight. On Tuesday night we went to the LIU Adult class, which was a lot of fun, and Wednesday we went to Circles. The woman who spoke at Circles gave us the story of her struggle and it really makes you grateful for what you have, even though people usually focus on what it is they don’t have. Since we don’t have a TV in the house we’ve had to go to Breidenbaugh to watch movies a few nights.
I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks of fun and hopefully will have more to share as we keep adventuring in Gettysburg.[][]



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